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Article for Round Up July 2017

Welcome again to our Club News.

Numbers still remain steady despite a number of dancers being away on holidays.

Phil has just returned back safely after a 3 week trip to America in particular New York. So naturally he brought back some square dance gear such as bolo ties etc for some of our new dancers.

Terry is currently on a 2 week cruise around Scandanavia, Phyl is also on another trip and Liz is in Queensland visiting family over the June long weekend.

Speaking of the long weekend some of us travelled to Elizabeth to help Scoot Back Squares celebrate their 6th Birthday. It was a great afternoon of dancing, plenty of food for afternoon tea, congratulations and thanks for the hospitality.

We are preparing to graduate our dancers who commenced in our learners class last year. It has been a long road but we got there so congratulations to our new mainstream dancers.

Looking forward to our next special nights which will be an American Night in July and A taste of Italy in August. Please see advertisements for more details. Don’t forget supper will be supplied so no need to bring any, hope to see you there.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les 

Article for Round Up June 2017

Great to see all our dancers home safe from the National Convention.

Unfortunately Rosalie has not been able to dance since returning after cutting her leg on the trip home from Bendigo, however is making a recovery

We had a number of dancers attend JVC’s 3rd Birthday. Thank you to John & Jacqueline for a great and enjoyable afternoon of dancing.

On the 13th May we had our 22nd birthday at Marion RSL. It was an outstanding night with 6 sets dancing regularly all night. The meal at 6.30 was provided once again by Cheryl’s Kitchen and was absolutely delicious. We lost count of the numbers choosing to dine but at one stage was in excess of 40. We had six visiting Callers so thank you to John Casey, Jeff Seidel, Scotty Scott, Graham Elliott, Ian Rutter & Milton McKenzie for calling. Thank you to our dancers who helped set up, Eddie & Rosalie, Margaret D, Roy & Cheryl, Peter & Stella, Liz & Charlie for staying until last minute to help pack up, Diana Lawson for the pictures for decoration and we even had help from Murray Dempsey. Eddie & Rosalie also organised the raffle and pies & sausage rolls for supper. Gary & Sally Welsh cut the cake. It was a very pleasant surprise to have Alan & Chris travel all the way from Acey Squares Naracoorte and thank you also as all of our friends from the Paddle Steamer and JVC clubs 

Article for Round Up May 2017

Welcome again to our club news.

In March we held our luck of the Irish Dance. Thank you to all who dressed up or wore something green. Sorry for any confusion regarding the date as some wore the green the week before. Never mind it was like a double celebration.

Welcome back to Diana who has been on holiday. Unfortunately she had a fall whilst away and will not be able to dance for a while. We hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to dance soon.

The response to the learners class has not been as good as in previous years however steady numbers of mainstream dancers helping will mean we are able to progress through. However it was pleasing to see Sue back who has not danced with us since before the move to Port Noarlunga.

We were also surprised to receive a visit from Eric and Linda Saberton who have moved back to Adelaide after moving to the NSW South Central Coast about a dozen or so years ago.

We had a number of dancers attend the National Convention in Bendigo. We all had a great time probably because we could all relate to the theme remembering the 60’s. Anne & Les once again played a big part by presenting sessions at the ARDA Seminar and Showcase and Experimental Round Dances at the convention itself. 

Article for Round Up April 2017

Well the year continues to be successful so far with steady attendances and many special nights.

In February we had some delicious pancakes for supper on Shrove Tuesday. Last month we thanked Eddie and Rosalie in advance but unfortunately Eddie was not able to attend. So Rosalie carried all the responsibility of organising the supper thank you. We were also delighted to have Pauline Ottaway and Alistair Kennedy attend on that night as well.

Our new beginners class has started on 7 March. We are open for a few weeks for new dancers so it is still to early to tell the success and hopefully can report further next month. However enquiries have been coming in as a result of the advertising.

On the 7 March we were delighted to receive a visit from Ted & Rose Leach from Dolphin Dancers Mandurah WA.

Our learners who started in May 2016 have now joined the rest of the club and are now dancing for the whole night. They are now very close to having completed mainstream and we will be working remaining moves over the next few weeks. Their graduation will be before our birthday in May. Also speaking of our birthday we look forward to seeing you all there and help celebrate 22 years 

Article for Round Up March 2017

Well the year has got off to a great start. Numbers have been steady.

The committee has also planned a lot more special nights so hopefully we find something to your liking during the year.

Already we have had two of those nights. The first was our Down Under Ball to celebrate Australia Day. There was lots of red white and blue along with some green & gold. Thank you to all who dressed the theme. We had some mini pie floaters (party pies in pea & ham soup) with tomato sauce, what an Australian Classic. Thank you to Eddie & Rosalie for organising the pies & soup, in particular the soup was home made by Rosalie. Thank to Anne Tulloch who provided the lamingtons. We also had a sing along with the Sunset Philharmonic. The men sang ‘Click go the Shears’ and the ladies sang ‘I Still Call Australia home’. We are not prepared to say who did better. Les & Milton of course did Australian Songs when calling.

The second night was our pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Shrove comes from the word ‘Shrive’ meaning to absolve. A popular practice is to consume food (traditionally pancakes) that is sacrificed during the 40 days of lent that follows. Thanks once again to Eddie & Rosalie for organising the Pancakes.

Plans are well under way for our 22nd Birthday in may (see our advertisement). Why not come for dinner? Hope to see you there.

Article for Round Up December 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Just an update on the charity dance held in September. As reported last month we made a donation to Brain Aneurism Support Association (BASA). We had a response from Maya Cremers thanking us for our donation and that our donation now means they have raised $5,060.00 which is half way to the target level needed. So we are proud to have made a difference.

Our AGM was in November and at the time of writing we had received the following nominations - Eddie Lee President and Diana Lawson Secretary. Thank you to Eddie & Diana for your nominations.

In November we also had our Halloween Dance. Once again Les & Milton did singing calls to the theme. The dimming of the lights added superbly to the murky atmosphere. Lots of people dressed up with the usual number of witches, Jack the Ripper, Dracula, a Gypsy, a Lady Devil, a Ghoul and an absolutely disgusting supper. Thank you all those who did dress up.

We also had a surprise visit from Sylvia from Numurkah near Shepparton in Victoria. Also thanks to Sylvia for giving us a call.

Looking forward to our Christmas dance, dinner and entertainment see advertisement for more details.

To all our members and dancers have a happy joyous festive season and look forward to your continued support.

Article for Round Up November 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Les had to take a trip to Melbourne during September so rather than close we had Milton call for us. Thank you Milton for stepping in. Also on the way back from Melbourne Les called into Acey Squares at Naracoorte. Thank you to Alan & Chris for the hospitality.

September 27 was our charity night. Attendance was not as we had hoped for, however the committee decided to donate $300 to our charity of choice. This year the charity is Brain Aneurism Support Association (BASA). We chose BASA after we saw the booth at the National Convention run by Maya Cremers, a square dancer from Victoria. We also read a flyer picked up from the booth and were horrified at the statistics around brain aneurism and the fact that every night whilst we dance at the club several people in Australia are diagnosed with this potential life threatening condition.

Our AGM is coming please see advertisement for details. We have several casual vacancies on the committee so please give some consideration to helping run the club. It does not take a lot of extra time outside of club nights so please see Les, Anne, Eddie or Rosalie if you are not sure.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up October 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Firstly it is good to see everybody back safely following the National Convention. In particular it is good to have Eddie & Rosalie back on the door. Thank you to Ian & Gail Fowler for looking after the door, raffle and finances while they were away, you did a great job.

Several of our dancers including Les travelled to Naracoorte to help celebrate their 10th birthday. Good dancing and it was also good to catch up with Brian Hotchkies, and not to mention the breakfasts at the holiday park, delicious.

Thank you to Danae Wheeler and her committee on a great state convention. It was also good to catch up with Paul & Marina Long who we have not seen for a while. Our club was represented with a dressed set. Thank you to Brian & Judy Visser, Harvey Wood, Dianna Lawson, Wayne Avion, Pam Holder, Eddie & Rosalie Lee you did us proud.

Speaking of Harvey, after the state convention everybody was touching him in the hope some luck would rub off. Harvey was the lucky winner of the $100 dinner voucher in the Society membership drive. Harvey received his voucher & certificate at the club on the 6 September presented by Heather & Danae Wheeler, see the photo.

Anne & Les travelled to Kadina to attend the first birthday of Yorke Promenaders. Once again good food, good dancing & hospitality. 

Article for Round Up September 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Once again apologies for missing the last edition of the news, just so many things to do plus not a lot of news.

Our learners class got off to a great start in May with approximately 14 new dancers and a fair proportion of men for a change. Pleased to say numbers have remained steady.

We received an SMS message from Claire Chittleborough who unfortunately had a fall and shattered her patella (for those not anatomically minded her knee cap). So consequently will not be dancing for a while so we wish Claire a speedy recovery.

Tuesday 9th August was one of those nights a caller would like to forget. Les whilst setting up, realized he had left the computer charger at home. After running two nights already on battery there was not much charge left in fact we got just over 1 bracket. Fortunately Milton arrived and we were able to continue, using his computer. What was interesting was that there seemed to be a lot of songs in common or at least in name. It took until the last bracket to find a tune that was the same. So calling was a challenge and also getting used to the different hot key set up. So thank you to Milton for saving the night.

We have a set in the dressed set parade including some first timers so lots of practice, so more next month on how they got on.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up June 2016

Welcome to the club news.

What a night to remember our Rock and Roll 21stBirthday.

Our feature caller was David Todd from NSW who did an excellent job of keeping us all entertained throughout the afternoon and evening.

Dancing commenced in the afternoon with 4 sets dancing which was great. This was followed by a catered dinner. Estimates were approximately 40 people dining and once again a sensational job from the caterers.

7.30 saw the floor full for round dancing cued by Anne & Les. This was followed by square dancing with several sets dancing for the rest of the evening. Thank you to Graham, Jeff, John, Ian, Scotty and Milton for calling and helping us celebrate.

Thank you also to the following club members for helping set up - Eddie & Rosalie, James, Milton & Debbie & Bob

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.38.58 pm

Sunset Twirlers 21st Birthday 7th May 2016 

Article for Round Up May 2016

Welcome to the club news.

At Easter we had a delicious supper of Hot Cross Buns. Thank you to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the buns etc.

We are hoping that you are all planning to come and help us celebrate 21 years of dancing with our Rock and Roll birthday and David Todd (NSW) as our feature caller.

We are having an afternoon session just to make sure David earns his fee. You can then stay on for dinner prior to the evening session. It is the same caterer, same menu and same prices as for the Society dance in March. So why not come along to dance, dine and dance again. Please see our advertisement for details

Article for Round Up April 2016

Welcome to the club news.

We were surprised to have a visit from our good friend Sheila from the United Kingdom.

Our first special night for the year was on 1 March with our Mad March Dance. Thank you to all those who dressed up, we had Mexicans, Maid, Man (who was a woman of course), Max (again a woman of course), Mauve just to name a few. All singing calls were songs beginning with M and no shortage either such as Moody Blue, Moonlight Shadow, Monday Morning Secretary, Me & Bobbie McGee, Maggie Mae, Music is my Woman again just to name a few.

Just a reminder of our 21st Birthday coming up in May. Feature caller is David Todd (NSW) and theme is Rock ‘n’ Roll. See our advertisement for more details.

Our next Learners’ Class is starting on 17th May.

Birthday ad 1

Article for Round Up March 2016

Welcome to the club news.

We hope that everybody has settled down into their normal routines of dancing.

At time of writing we have not had a scheduled special night. However Les did all Australian singing calls for Australia Day including classic tunes as Waltzing Mathilda, Home among the Gum Trees, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, not to mention some more modern tunes such as Truly Madly Deeply, and Way out West. 

In February we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a delicious supper of pancakes. Thank you to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the pancakes.

Looking forward to celebrating 21 years of dancing this year with our Rock and Roll birthday and David Todd (NSW) as our feature caller, see our ad for more details.

Our next Learners’ Class is starting on 17th May.

Birthday ad 1

Article for Round Up February 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Happy New Year we hope you all had a joyous festive season. At the time of writing we have not yet had a square dance so the news will be brief.

Our Christmas break up and dinner was a great success with over 50 dinners ordered. The meals were ordered from the same chicken shop as last year so why is this significant? Because the previous 3 years each time the shop has gone out of business so we are glad for this year the curse has been broken.                

Thank you to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the dinners and to Peter Stavast for organizing the drinks and desserts.

We also had a visit from Santa. Thank you also to Ian Fowler, Greg Megow and Gary Welsh who entertained with a trio of Australian sing a long songs including an Australian version of jingle bells.

Below is a picture from our Christmas Dance.

Looking forward to celebrating 21 years of dancing this year with our birthday in May.


Sunset Twirlers Christmas Break Up 8th December 2015

Article for Round Up August 2015

Welcome to the club news.

Despite the winter chills numbers are still remaining steady at 4 sets so thank you to all our loyal dancers.

Our learners class this year is not as big in number as previous years but all the learners are dancing with a smile on their face so they must be enjoying it. They have been dancing several weeks and are making good progress.

During July we celebrated Bastille Day with a French (Red White and Blue) Theme. Great to see so many dressing to the theme see picture below. Peter organized a quiz where you had to guess from silhouette six French buildings. Congratulations to Carl Mullan who was the only one to correctly name all six. Thank you to Jacqueline Baumgartner for cooking some of the supper such as quiche, French bread sticks and of course escargot. And thank you to Greg Megow for the decorations.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Bastille Day photo

Sunset Twirlers French Night July 2015

Article for Round Up April 2015

Welcome to the club news. Sorry for missing the March edition the problem must have been PEBKAC as the articles were done just must have forgot to hit send on the email.

Congratulations to Peter Stavast on your 50th Birthday.

The first dance of the year was a free dance on 13 January for Peter’s 50th birthday. What a fantastic night of dance and celebration with over 75 dancers in attendance.

It was great to see a lot of visiting dancers and callers from other clubs. Thank you to Graham Elliott, Jeff Seidel & John Casey for calling.

Ian Fowler did a very funny stand up comedy routine in which we found out interesting ways in which Peter can use various body extremities for various things.

So thank you to all those who came and helped Peter to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Aside from Peter’s celebration we also presented Darryl Nixon with his graduation certificate and club badge as he was unable to attend the actual graduation night.

February we celebrated Chinese New Year. A lot of confusion is it the year of the Goat or the year of the Sheep. Despite this another great night with over 5 sets and thank you.


Sunset Twirlers Chinese New Year February 2015

Article for Round Up February 2015

Welcome back to all our club dancers we hope you enjoyed the festive season. As with 2014 we are looking forward to another great year of dancing.

Firstly news from 2014. On 25 November we once again had a very successful graduation night. We graduated 8 dancers and congratulations to Darryl, Pamela, Pam, Christine, Roy, Cheryl, Dianna and Liz. We welcome you all to mainstream dancing. Thank you to Heather Wheeler for coming down to welcome our new graduates on behalf of the Society.

Our graduation night was also our AGM. Peter Stavast was re-elected as President, Eddie Lee as Secretary, David Scobie, Virginia Thompson & Diane as committee. Rosalie Lee stays on as Treasurer, Eddie Lee as Vice President and together with Anne & Les will manage the club for the next 12 months.

Our Christmas break up was certainly a night to remember. We started off with Christmas Dinner. Thanks to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the dinners. It is ironic that every year we have to find a new chicken shop because the previous one went out of business. The dinner was very good so we are hoping the trend does not continue. Thanks to Peter for organizing the fruit flans and custard for dessert. This was followed by lots of dancing.

First event for 2015 was a free dance to celebrate Peter Stavast’s 50th birthday congratulations Peter. 

Article for Round Up December 2014

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

Apologies again as in the news for November we forgot to mention that we had a visit from Rew & Sally of Kiwilers club in Perth WA it was great to see them again.

November was of course our Melbourne Cup Night. Good to see many dressing up for the theme men wearing a tie or a bow tie, ladies wearing a fascinator. Congratulations to the sweep winners Dianna and Jacqueline and thank you to Peter Stavast for organizing the sweep and the decorations.

This time of the year is always special for the club as we graduate our learners class. Which is to held prior to our Christmas break up. Congratulations and welcome to the club to all our graduates.

We would like to thank all our members for your support during the year and hope you all have a joyous festive season. Look forward to seeing you all back in 2015.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up November 2014

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

Firstly sorry for missing the news for October.

What a great time we had at the state convention. Thank you to Anne and her organizing committee for a wonderful event. The committee consisted of a lot of our club dancers/members including Jacqueline Baumgartner, John Casey, Carl Mullan, Karen McCarthy, Peter Stavast and Les Tulloch. Thank you also to Don & Jan Stephens and Heather Wheeler who were on the committee as well and Dianne, Brian & Judy Visser who stayed on after supper and helped pack up.

All the dressed sets looked great. Our set did the club proud so thank you to Malcom & Virginia, Peter & Diane, Tim & Sue, Bob & Jacqueline, and especially to Jacqueline who made the outfits and Virginia who organized the jewelry and braces.

In September we held our charity night with all proceeds this year going to Alzheimers Australia SA. The final figure raised was $365 so a tremendous response thank you.

Congratulations to Anne & Les who have recently been appointed chair of the Roundalab Phase 1 & 2 Standards Committee. Roundalab is the international organization who govern round dancing worldwide. This means SA now have a direct say over standards that cover the levels danced predominantly at square dances.

Looking forward to our Melbourne Cup Night hope you are lucky enough to win a sweep. 

Article for Round Up September 2014

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

In July we had our Bastille Day (French Night) and what a fantastic night. It was our best attendance for a long time. A very big thank you to Jacqueline who provided a supper that was to die for. French Bread Sticks with dips, Croissants, Escargot (Snails), French onion soup, mousse, meatballs in pastry + more. Thank you for all who dressed up (see photo) and to Greg Megow for the decorations including the guillotine. Peter Stavast offered to take photos of people with their head in the guillotine but was not too popular.

September is our charity dance night. This year we have decided to donate to Alzeimers Australia SA. So we would like to see as many dancers there as possible (see advertisement for details).

Congratulations to Anne and Les who have recently been appointed as chair couple for the Roundalab Phase 1 & 2 Standards Committee. Roundalab is an international association who governs round dancing so is a very prestigious appointment and also helps place Australia on the map with a voice on international round dance standards.

Our learners are making very good progress having started into some mainstream movements.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Last updated 10th August 2017